The Aggio/Salice Construction Company was born in the early 1950s thanks to the initiative of Alfieri Aggio, born in 1921 and awarded Order of Merit for Labour, and Biagio Salice. Following Salice’s withdrawal, Pasquale Vischi took its place in the company, giving birth to the Vischi/Aggio Costruzioni Dongo.

For four years the company built important buildings, especially in the central area of Lake Como and mainly in Menaggio. Among the most significant buildings, we can mention the cinema palace in Menaggio and the apartment buildings in Tremezzo.

In the 1970sAlfieri Aggio separated from his business partner Vischi and founded the new Aggio Alfieri Construction Company with the help of his son Enzo Aggio, who had just earned a diploma in Surveying.

From that moment on, the company became one of the largest construction companies in the central and upper lake areas, employing more than fifty workers.

The company’s work ranged from private constructions to public buildings, from hydraulic works to roadworks, to the renovation of houses, churches, etc.

Listing just the most significant ones:

the beachfront resort, public housing, aqueduct and Villa Adenauer street in Griante; the enlargement of the town hall and the school complex in Tremezzo, as well as the public houses and the sports center also in Tremezzo; Via delle Mele street, the public housing and the rest home in Menaggio; the renovation of the churches of Dongo, Dosso Liro, Brenzio, Stazzona; the construction of new schools in Dosso Liro, Germasino, Musso, Gera Lario.

In the 1980s the company left the public and private works sector, concentrating its efforts on the construction of buildings on its own account and intended for sale.

This choice has generated several real estate transactions, especially in the upper lake area.

In the 2000sthe housing market has been gradually abandoned, in order to focus on the important redevelopment of the rest house “Giardino degli Ulivi” in Menaggio, a work that engaged the entire company workforce for over four years.

In the same period Enzo Aggio handed over the leadership of the company to his son Alberto Aggio, who undertook the activity mainly in the field of building renovations and new private construction projects.

In this way, the company Aggio Costruzioni srl was born, having the engineer Alberto Aggio as sole shareholder.