Aggio Costruzioni s.r.l

We have been building your dream since 1954.

Operating for over 60 years in the construction of new homesand thanks to a significant knowhow, we are able to identify the best ideas for a real estate development regarding both individual houses and multi-unit properties.

In close cooperation with our customer and designer, we are able to carry out the renovation of single apartments or entire buildings by studying customized interventions according to every structural and architectural need, providing a turnkey solution and issuing all required system certifications.


Aggio Costruzioni s.r.l. , active since the early 1950s, has carried out numerous interventions, including significant ones, of civil and industrial buildings. It is equipped with a structure capable of carrying out interventions of any type and size, both forpublicandprivate clients.


The Aggio/Salice Construction Company was born in the early 1950s thanks to the initiative of Alfieri Aggio born in 1921 and awarded Order of Merit for Labour, and Biagio Salice.